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Uploaded By : ElvenJedi on 2018-07-19 10:20:44
Heya, results for my ~IRL~ themed skin comp in the comments :p
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Comments (11)
lunariumeclipse42 Commented on 2018-07-28 , 21:42:42
you should do another one :D I want to join this time!
WeirdGirl123 Commented on 2018-07-28 , 18:38:57
Congrats to the winners! <3
GoldenGlider534 Commented on 2018-07-21 , 01:40:21
Congrats to everyonee~ ^^
ForForever Commented on 2018-07-20 , 20:00:57
Congratz to everyone! This was fun <3
TheRealMrPuggles Commented on 2018-07-19 , 17:36:14
When Is Da Next One?
flufed Commented on 2018-07-19 , 15:17:22
Congrats to everyone who won!
ElvenJedi Commented on 2018-07-19 , 02:27:03
We had 26 entries total, to see them all just search the tag "ElvenIRL". Don't feel bad if you didn't get in the top three, honestly all the entries were better than anything I could make, I was amazed at all the entries so thank you everyone who joined!
ElvenJedi Commented on 2018-07-19 , 02:25:35
Annnnddddd in 1st place is TheRealPBSquid! Everything about this skin is just amazing, the hue shifting is fantastic. Entry >>>
ElvenJedi Commented on 2018-07-19 , 02:23:52
2nd place we have Prisma, the shading and coloring on this skin is sooooooo good >.< entry >>>
ElvenJedi Commented on 2018-07-19 , 02:22:33
In 3rd place we have... KawaiiOreo! AMAZING entry! Love the colors <3 Entry >>>