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iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2018-08-20 , 04:15:31
im active but rn i dont wanna post skins cause im working on songs to sing on one of my channels ;p not my new channel though
DerpHaven360 Commented on 2018-08-20 , 00:48:43
if youre still active id like to request a pokemon skin .w.
LoonyLila Commented on 2018-08-19 , 19:37:57
Hello! You're invited to my contest! I hope you can join! Please don't feel pressured to do so tho. https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/12429108/logo-contest/
ForForever Commented on 2018-08-13 , 01:07:19
Helloo! I'm hosting a reshade contest! Don't feel pressured to join, but if you'd like to here's the link! http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/12413726/freaks---reshade-contest/
KCbases Commented on 2018-08-10 , 21:25:23
Hello! I'd love it if you could come! If not, or if you don't want to, I completely understand~ <3 http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/12407706/meet-up--/ ~
NatalieRose6 Commented on 2018-08-02 , 23:34:18
NatalieRose6 Wrote:
Thanks, bestie! Also, we should hang out more :3 It's pretty only on my side of the room.
Oh rip I meant lonely not only XD
NatalieRose6 Commented on 2018-08-02 , 23:33:47
Thanks, bestie! Also, we should hang out more :3 It's pretty only on my side of the room.
iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2018-07-29 , 02:40:54
sure bestie! its me squigglytea btw and ill try too make it sooner or later
NatalieRose6 Commented on 2018-07-28 , 07:34:33
hello, I have a request for you! I need a fire hair thing for like a phoenix skin. I can't find any good fire hair for it so I'm asking you :D
iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2018-07-22 , 15:28:48
ill try too
ForForever Commented on 2018-07-20 , 23:51:54
Hello! I'm hosting a reshade contest to celebrate 40 followers! It would be so great if you could join! But no pressure <3 Link: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/12365258/--reshade-contest--/
iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2018-07-03 , 03:23:26
MalieJazzy Commented on 2018-07-01 , 17:40:17
I think the skins are great! I like them!
iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2018-06-30 , 18:56:39
@idkhowsad, @friskundertal, ill try too
idkhowsad Commented on 2018-06-30 , 15:51:18
Hey dear! Wanna join my new reshade contest?<3 If you don't want to it's fine, but here is a link if you're interested :) http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/12308195/lie/