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Uploaded By : ElvenJedi on 2018-06-14 06:32:04
New skin contest! And this one's theme is WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE IN REAL
LIFE! Everyone's invited, rules & more info in the comments! Add the
tag ElvenIRL to your entry! Share this contest with your friends! &
Shoutouts to KawaiiOreo, AndiMakesStuff, and picasso2, winners of my
last contest (PJ themed)!
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Comments (35)
idkhowsad Commented on 2018-06-23 , 19:25:30
ArtImiss Commented on 2018-06-23 , 16:54:23
joining! (PS sorry im not at all active anymore. depression is ebbing on my motivation majorly)
PastelBasesAndStuf Commented on 2018-06-23 , 09:51:33
PastelBasesAndStuf Wrote:
Im joining!
my entry - not very shaded '-'
PastelBasesAndStuf Commented on 2018-06-23 , 08:33:00
Im joining!
BlockieYT Commented on 2018-06-23 , 07:53:31
I'll join wait me
GoldenGlider534 Commented on 2018-06-22 , 23:41:15
Here ya' go ^^
SpeedytheHedgehog Commented on 2018-06-19 , 16:43:29
here's my entry. lowkey debated to but werewolf ears and tail but i decided not to lol.
AndiMakesStuff Commented on 2018-06-18 , 22:22:55
I'm wayyy too ugly to enter that, -o- Anyways good luck to the peeps who entered.
HENNAHOLLY12 Commented on 2018-06-17 , 18:52:39
Here is my contest entry! Hope u like it!
iiAshley Commented on 2018-06-17 , 08:20:54
Hey, I just saw your contest, lol, and I'd like to enter. Coincidentally I uploaded a skin of what I looked like yesterday, so I didn't put the tag. I hope I can just leave it here :p Also I did tag "Base" and "Hair Base" but as I described in the desc. I made it entirely alone. Y'know, just trying to get more views on my stuff lol. Here you go :