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I hit 101 followers on this account!! Yay!! Should I host a comp?
Thank you guys so much!!! You guys make me happy!! :D
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Comments (9)
PikachuPower0710 Commented on 2018-01-03 , 23:45:14
can u guys follow me too i have 0 :'(
PikachuPower0710 Commented on 2018-01-03 , 23:44:40
good job
BlocklyCow Commented on 2018-01-03 , 23:42:51
ggaa47 Commented on 2018-01-03 , 23:26:05
WeirdSkinss Commented on 2017-03-11 , 22:34:49
GirlyGamerGamez Wrote:
Congrats! :D
thank you! :D
GirlyGamerGamez Commented on 2017-03-11 , 22:02:47
Congrats! :D
ArtImiss Commented on 2017-03-11 , 21:51:22
WeirdSkinss Wrote:
thank you~ Okay! I will! What kind of contest should I host?
idk... maybe something having to do with food or water or monochromatic, idk just some ideas but i know that whatever you decide will be a good idea
WeirdSkinss Commented on 2017-03-11 , 20:40:46
ArtImiss Wrote:
Yay congrats! And yes you must!
thank you~ Okay! I will! What kind of contest should I host?
ArtImiss Commented on 2017-03-11 , 20:15:32
Yay congrats! And yes you must!