Dark Sapphire


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Uploaded By : ElvenJedi on 2017-03-04 00:59:02
Here's my entry for MistHowl's gemstone-themed contest, hope you like
it! As u can see I did kinda a dark angel with wings and a blue dress
with a gem on her tiara and at her waist-belt-whatever you call it :P
I chose sapphire as my gem as you can see, hope you enjoy!
dark sapphire
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Comments (31)
ElvenJedi Commented on 2017-04-27 , 17:38:54
dpixl Wrote:
Sapphire is my birthmonth gemstone! :D
OMGSH really?? it's such a pretty gem :)
dpixl Commented on 2017-04-22 , 12:40:09
Sapphire is my birthmonth gemstone! :D
ExplosiveArtist Commented on 2017-03-22 , 21:27:47
ElvenJedi Wrote:
lol ikr thats crazy... my highest one is 138 XD
ElvenJedi Commented on 2017-03-22 , 16:11:30
ExplosiveArtist Wrote:
201st download yay!
ExplosiveArtist Commented on 2017-03-22 , 15:52:38
201st download yay!
ElvenJedi Commented on 2017-03-21 , 01:25:31
UndertaleFangirl05 Wrote:
Awesome :D
Thx :)
UndertaleFangirl05 Commented on 2017-03-20 , 05:10:29
Awesome :D
ElvenJedi Commented on 2017-03-09 , 19:37:16
Chekkerz Wrote:
My God, skin goals
Aww thanks <3
Chekkerz Commented on 2017-03-08 , 00:16:41
My God, skin goals
ElvenJedi Commented on 2017-03-04 , 15:59:36
OreoBases Wrote:
I love this... sooo freaking much..
Well thank youuu! glad you like it :D