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Uploaded By : ElvenJedi on 2016-12-30 07:03:11
This is an edit of my previous skin, Bubble Gum. I changed the bangs
and a couple other minor edits. Enjoy!
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Comments (4)
ElvenJedi Commented on 2016-12-31 , 22:26:46
BlazingEmma Wrote:
Better than I could EVER do! great job ^-^
Aww thank you! Speaking of this skin, would you mind giving me credit in the edits you made? Thanks! And I really appreciate the encouragement! <3 <3
BlazingEmma Commented on 2016-12-31 , 20:35:43
Better than I could EVER do! great job ^-^
ElvenJedi Commented on 2016-12-30 , 00:58:52
ExplosiveArtist Wrote:
sweet!! :) :)
Thank you! <3
ExplosiveArtist Commented on 2016-12-29 , 23:28:38
sweet!! :) :)