KaxivaBases's skins
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KaxivaBases Commented on 2018-05-20 , 09:44:58
Check out : WindGuideYouOn, TETQ, IntelligentMoron, Jixo, LacericMoon, KittyCatGamer1, RainbowLicious, TubbySodaPop, Idkhowsad, PastelBasesAndStuf, ArtImiss, picasso2, SupItzMoonStone, KittyCottonCandy, Sadfqce, Rutroh1002
KaxivaBases Commented on 2018-05-20 , 09:44:29
Hey Everyone :3 / I'm Kaxiva / My name is Caroline / I'm 15 years old / Taking Requests / Joining Contests if im not too lazy / Favourite colors : Blue and Purple <3 / I don't know many words in english so i don't speak a lot but im reading all comments / I'm always trying hard to make the best skins even they not always how i imagined :3 / If your comment will be deleted it mean i read it /