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ggaa47 Commented on 2018-05-25 , 20:03:45
SpeedytheHedgehog Commented on 2018-05-25 , 11:58:39 come join my contest!!
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2018-05-15 , 11:47:08
Hey! You're invited to my Atlantis-themed reshade contest. :) Please don't feel obligated to join, though, but here is a link if you do want to join: Have a wonderful day! <3
SpeedytheHedgehog Commented on 2018-05-13 , 13:51:17
i would love it if you joined my reshade contest
ggaa47 Commented on 2018-04-25 , 05:04:20
i just love getting home at 9:30 with at least two hours of homework and other things to do... not
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2018-04-21 , 16:33:22
Hello! You're invited to join my Skylight Reshade contest, although please don't feel obligated to join. <3 If you're interested in joining, though, here is a link to the contest: Have a wonderful day! :)
Eclipse1 Commented on 2018-04-11 , 00:35:23
Hello!! I am holding an unusual contest and I would love it if you would join! You don't have to though! >>> <<< :)
sarcasticquail Commented on 2018-04-10 , 04:48:50
Hello, I am hosting a contest themed around astrology! Here is the link if you would like to join: The due date is May 6th, 2018. I completely understand if you aren't able to join or if you don't want to. Have a wonderful day! <3
princessangelgirl Commented on 2018-04-03 , 14:57:02
hi i would like you to join my contest no pressure to join you can join only if you wanna! due date is april 19th anyway ciao! ~ angel <3333
KittyCatGirl2017 Commented on 2018-04-01 , 01:13:57
If you're entering contests right now... you've been invited to my randomly created contest, sort of a different type! ~ Don't feel pressured to enter! <3
eslater Commented on 2018-03-28 , 03:56:09
Since you are one of my followers, I feel that you should know this. // Link:
ILoveChuX Commented on 2018-03-27 , 16:25:05
Hey ggaa!, I've noticed how you're great at making skins but not getting much attention! Join my contest to gain publicity and sweet prizes!
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2018-03-25 , 23:49:16
Hello! You're invited to my Pastel Smiles reshade contest. :) Please don't feel pressured to enter, but if you're interested, here's a link to the contest: Have a wonderful day! :)
Sadfqce Commented on 2018-03-25 , 18:20:42
hello! you are invited to my newest reshade based on easter! the deadline is April 18th, so you can join up until then! here's the link! ~ Hope to see your amazing shading and talent there! I understand if you cannot join! <3
ggaa47 Commented on 2018-03-22 , 22:23:49
And twas was a sad day, march 22, for any and all My Chemical Romance fans, rip mcr