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KittyCatGirl2017 Commented on 2017-12-10 , 22:05:03
Ikr? I'd totaly follow you twice <3
LeFloofyKitten Commented on 2017-12-10 , 04:26:46
why can't i follow twice
KittyCatGirl2017 Commented on 2017-12-09 , 21:23:06
Awww. Bc of MY SKINS?? Oml.
Usagi25 Commented on 2017-12-09 , 19:46:36
oh wow. my mind just blew up for a sec.
KittyCatGirl2017 Commented on 2017-12-09 , 13:06:01
You're all so sweet :'D <3
idkhowsad Commented on 2017-12-09 , 11:40:48
Hello! You've been invited to my new reshade contest , I'd be glad to see ur entry , but if u're not interested plz don't feel compelled to join! It's totally fine ^^ -saddie Link :
iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2017-12-08 , 16:03:36
- tries to follow you - ''This member is already on your following list.'' DANG IT!!!
iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2017-12-08 , 14:44:05
Your invited to my contest in honors of blocklycow! if you cant join then its fine but also help me invite people too if you gonna join!!
ArceusGirlyGamma99 Commented on 2017-12-08 , 14:27:09
Hello there! I would like to invite you to my Reshade Contest! If you cannot enter I completely understand. The due date is the 5th of Jan.
KittyCottonCandy Commented on 2017-12-05 , 23:05:38
Hello, dear! I would like you to invite you to my Xmas-inspired Reshade! Please do not feel obligated to enter, but I would love to see you enter! <3
Boirer Commented on 2017-12-05 , 10:20:45
here is the winners:
KittyCottonCandy Commented on 2017-12-02 , 16:41:27
Oof, why didn't I follow you yet? xD
KittyCatGirl2017 Commented on 2017-11-30 , 13:03:38
Oki!! Tysm.
LeFloofyKitten Commented on 2017-11-30 , 01:43:19
Dyed hair, sky blue, Russian Blue.
LeFloofyKitten Commented on 2017-11-16 , 01:13:34
Ay-ohh! Villager #420 invites you to LeFloofyKitten's pixel-art contest!