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IntelligentMoron Commented on 2018-04-17 , 15:20:56
If you're wondering how to shade hair and you're just beginning, here's a few shadings you can use:
IntelligentMoron Commented on 2018-04-16 , 16:04:08
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IntelligentMoron Commented on 2018-03-21 , 22:01:45
hαnnαh | 13 | skínnєr | plєαsє dσ nσt cσmmєnt σn mч prσfílє unlєss ít ís tσ línk mє tσ stσlєn skíns σr cσntєsts. íf чσu wαnt tσ αsk mє sσmєthíng, mєssαgє mє σn pmc(αn íntєllígєnt mσrσn)