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Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-22 , 20:18:03
* i'm dead , u can leave smth here if u want to .. or just go away *
Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-21 , 13:29:22
Now , Please do not comment anything here exept; ¤ Linking stolen skins ¤ Invite me to reshade contest (and reshade only plz) ¤ Ask me smth (but plz if u have a pmc , ask me in pm ^^') My skinning motivation is a bit dead ^^
Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-21 , 13:27:12
Peoples you should visit: Jixo , WindGuideYouOn , KittyCottonCandy , SparkieCakes2002 , IntelligentMoron , LittleMillyDoggie (and maybe my bestie StrawberrySodas even if he doesn't upload anything xDD )
Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-21 , 13:24:26
Hey! Sadd here! You can call me Alice (PS: This isn't my name , I just like it :')) And this is my Persona's name ^^⁾ , Sadd or panda ^^ I'm soon 13 ;ww; My birthday is the 12/16 don't forget it lololol :'))) I'm obssessed with pandas / pandora hearts and ngnl *www* Hope you will apreciate my skins x3