Fireflower500's skins
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idkhowsad Commented on 2018-04-15 , 13:37:27
Hellu :) You're invited to my new reshade contest cx Due date is 05/01, here is a link if u'd like to join :o , do not feel compelled tho, just join if u want to!
idkhowsad Commented on 2018-03-26 , 17:19:56
Hi! You're invited to my themed contest celebrating my 200 followers here and 300 on pmc :3 Here it is if u ever feel like joining :)
Sadfqce Commented on 2018-03-25 , 18:20:57
hello! you are invited to my newest reshade based on easter! the deadline is April 18th, so you can join up until then! here's the link! ~ Hope to see your amazing shading and talent there! I understand if you cannot join! <3
BellaBanana Commented on 2018-01-28 , 16:39:39
Hello! I'm hosting a contest, and would love it if you would join! -- It's ok if you don't want to though.
physcogirl Commented on 2018-01-27 , 00:56:31
hey take a follow from me
AliceWood Commented on 2018-01-24 , 17:38:55
Hi! your invited to my contest! Its animal spy themed, please join! I'm sure you'll do great!
DoctorPigeon Commented on 2017-11-30 , 03:49:04
Hey there! I'm hosting a reshade to celebrate 200 followers, and I'd love it if you could join! --
Fireflower500 Commented on 2017-11-27 , 23:23:27
woah man my skins are back
MangleFox70 Commented on 2017-11-18 , 22:15:21
Hello! You're invited to my Christmas reshade contest! It's completely fine if you can't join! <33
Fireflower500 Commented on 2017-10-11 , 17:12:51
hey hey frienderinos could you maybe not send contest invites as i am literally inactive?? k thanks bye
Sadfqce Commented on 2017-09-29 , 20:33:36
HELLO THERE! I would like to invite you to my reshade contest because of it being my 1 year anniversary 2 days ago! I understand if you are busy! Here's the link! ^-^ Hope you can join!
BooMinion Commented on 2017-09-18 , 17:51:36
heya if you want you can join but it perfectly fine if you can't or don't want to I'm not pushing anyone to ^-^. may luck be on your side :D беиии.
Coley722 Commented on 2017-09-09 , 15:06:45
Hosting a skin comp hope to see u there, no pressure and good luck
BlocklyCow Commented on 2017-09-04 , 15:56:57
Hello! You are invite to my second redshade!! If you can't join, That fine. If you do, Here's the link!! ➤➤➣➦▶︎▷ Good luck!! :3 ~Blockly
BlocklyCow Commented on 2017-09-01 , 14:53:32
Hello! You're invited to my first redshade contest!! If you don't want to join/Too busy, it's totally fine. If you do, Heres the link!!--->