TotallyLucinda's skins
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Sadfqce Commented on 2017-09-29 , 20:36:13
HELLO THERE! I would like to invite you to my reshade contest because of it being my 1 year anniversary 2 days ago! I understand if you are busy! Here's the link! ^-^ Hope you can join!
MangleFox70 Commented on 2017-08-16 , 12:48:40
Hello! I would be more than honored if you joined my reshade contest! <33
Sadfqce Commented on 2017-07-27 , 03:19:47
Hello! I noticed your fantastic skins and wanted to invite you to my reshade contest! Here's the link! ^-^ I understand if you're busy. Hope you can join!
Sadfqce Commented on 2017-07-25 , 17:27:55
MangleFox70 Commented on 2017-07-14 , 14:06:11
Hey! Would you like to join my recent Reshade Contest? Link: You do not have to join if you are busy ;) Have a good day!
UndertaleLover1221 Commented on 2017-07-13 , 23:34:37
Amazing skins! +1 follower! :D
Sadfqce Commented on 2017-07-13 , 19:30:05
Hello! You were my 60th follower so you get a skin request! Please get back to me ASAP! ^-^ <3
KikiGirl1 Commented on 2017-07-12 , 02:24:16
you are invited to my contest! (LINK)-------->
pixelgirl08 Commented on 2017-07-05 , 23:33:05
You are invited to my invited to my contest! here's the link
TheAnimeGeek Commented on 2017-07-05 , 18:59:11 Here ya go! Thanks so much for participating!
MangleFox70 Commented on 2017-07-05 , 15:48:21
I've started a new contest! It's not a reshade this time, and I hope you can join! Here is the link: <33
MagicKitteh Commented on 2016-07-24 , 16:29:09
Cute skins!!
ShadowLynxx Commented on 2016-06-26 , 16:28:38
Thank you for following me! Cool skins! I've followed you back :D <3