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iiChxrryBlossoms Commented on 2017-10-20 , 01:18:43
@Beverly, Guess what today is? ITS MAHH BIRTHDAY!!!! im Turning 17 And I DID!!! YAYA
iAutumn Commented on 2017-10-19 , 19:47:52
@Wind - Of course! I'm a big fan of yours if you want to do something. :)
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2017-10-19 , 19:43:39
@LunaM00n and Macksuperstar, thank you both for the invitations, but right now my Internet is knocked out except for my phone; and it's very difficult to make skins on there. ;-; @Manspanda, thank you so much! :D Congratulations to Pey, Lis, and Jix!
Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-19 , 17:05:01
winners here :)
Macksuperstar Commented on 2017-10-19 , 02:29:21
LunaM00n Commented on 2017-10-19 , 01:40:35 <------ Your invited to my skin contest!! Note that anyone is able to join, and please read the rules- (I understand if you cannot participate- TY! ~L)
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2017-10-18 , 18:35:05
@Alice, <33
Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-18 , 11:41:40
no prob dear x3
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2017-10-18 , 10:48:31
@Alice, ahhh! It's gorgeous! :D Thank you so much!
Manspanda Commented on 2017-10-18 , 10:12:38
Fanskin for u ;w;
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2017-10-17 , 20:00:48
@redgirl5, thank you, dear! <3
redgirl5 Commented on 2017-10-17 , 18:33:46
Your amazing at making skins! maybe one day i might be nearly as good as you! but i don't think i'll ever be as good as you :)
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2017-10-17 , 02:18:11
- Please note - This account and my PMC account (Beverly) are inactive. I'm not going to have Internet for a long time (I'm expecting about 1-3 months) due to moving; thus I will be unable to post or interact on either website. ;-; Please do not send me messages/contest invitations, or post comments here, as I won't be able to reply to them for a long while. I love you guys so much. Thank you for staying with me for 2 1/2 years of skinning. Goodbye. <3
WindGuideYouOn Commented on 2017-10-15 , 21:12:23
@AllyJade14, thank you for the invitation, dear!
AllyJade14 Commented on 2017-10-15 , 20:36:36
Wanna join my reshade contest? here :